“The right choice: Make the best out of your Western Sardinia holiday. Let yourself be guided to discover hidden places.”

Welcome to Western Sardinia!

Just like the country, you’ll find our selection of Western Sardinia trips is big on choice, big on experience and big on value.

What to do if you stay at hotel around Oristano or Sinis

Sometimes, when you take a room in hotel, after a few days, you might be bored because you do not know what to do, or you do not know where to go.
If you like to stay to the beach, but if you would like to try something different, so you can choose our daily tailor made trips for discover secret places in western sardina.

Would you like to Discover secret beaches in the west coast?
or Would you like to visit hidden places in the mountains?

Tailor made holidays to Western Sardinia.
From the moment you contact us, you`ll be assigned your very own personal adviser, who`ll stay with you through your trip.
Everyone in our team is a true Western Sardinia specialist – passionate about Western Sardinia, with a wealth of knowledge about this fascinating land.

Your Western Sardinia Experts

You can discovery some secret places, like hidden Waterfalls, secret beaches, great Panoramas on the West Coast, Wild Mountains, and so on

Experience Western Sardinia - Your holiday, your way

We’ve included some suggested itineraries throughout our website, but every trip is tailored to your specific requirements to give you a truly and unique holiday experience.
Let yourself be guided to visit secret places and landscapes. You will experience an unforgettable day through shady woods, beaches or rocky mountains

Off-road vehicles trips

Discover Montiferru and Sinis: a place to visit by land, on a half-day trip

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